Birdsong Green Burial Site


We share the concern felt by many people at the loss of trees and wildlife. Burial facilities can be designed to offer many benefits to wildlife whilst also introducing a greater choice for the bereaved.

Birdsong offers a 'return to nature' for those who wish to be buried with trees and among birds, mammal and wild flowers.

The new woodland will provide a living memorial, one that will provide pleasure and benefit to future generations.


The position of each grave is carefully recorded and marked on a plan.

A small personalised metal plate will be placed below soil level in each grave to confirm the exact site.


Burial must take place in a biodegradable casket. It may be constructed from non-rainforest wood, wicker, bamboo or cardboard.

A simple woollen shroud is also acceptable.

Cremated remains may be scattered or buried in biodegradable caskets.

Green Burial

Green burial provides a natural resting place for our loved ones. Graves are marked by planting, at the appropriate time of year, a small native tree (e.g. oak, beech, hornbeam), or if desired wild flowers.

Gradually over the years the woodland will develop along with its population of birds and small mammals.

To maintain the natural surroundings headstones and other graveside memorials are not permitted, but a wooden nest box may be hung.

Fully biodegradable floral tributes may be left on graves.

Birdsong frees friends and relatives from the worry of tending a formal grave.

Funeral Arrangements

Birdsong is for people of all faiths. Graves will not be reserved for specific religions and the deceased of varying faiths will be buried in the same area.

Traditional funeral patterns do not have to be rigidly followed. The vast majority of families choose to use a funeral director but it is possible for families to organise everything themselves. It is your choice whether you have a religious service, a secular service or an informal gathering.

Green burial offers a new option to those who have no children or relatives, or are opposed to them being committed to caring for a traditional grave and memorial. Nature will care for the grave, and the neglect of an unvisited memorial will not arise.

To protect the environment embalming is strictly forbidden.


The Birdsong green burial site is located midway between Willoughby and Sloothby at: Mill Lane, Sloothby, Nr Alford, Lincolnshire, LN13 9NW


For postal enquiries, please use our office address:

The Estate Office
Elsom Farm
LN13 9TD

Tel: 01507 466 644
Fax: 01507 463 812


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